In conclusion



So I’ve come to the end of the Foundations Drawing course, rather stumbling over the finishing line. That said, I fully appreciate why the final projects are the way they are and if nothing else it showed up where the boundaries of my comfort zone are with a big fat fluorescent marker.

What this course gave me:

  • permission to take the time to really investigate the artists I already enjoy and to discover those I wasn’t aware of before
  • a kind of structure to some of the thoughts that were swilling around my head about various things to do with family, time passing, what art means to me
  • the shove I needed to dare something other than a doodle with a biro

What I need to persevere with in my drawing:

  • investigation, experimentation, making time, and perseverance itself

And yes, I absolutely want to carry on.

PS. My current learning log is zimbolina & the otter. Other past sites are:  zimbolina & the terrapin (for OCA Drawing Skills) and zimbolina & the narwhal (for OCA Understanding Visual Culture)





3 thoughts on “In conclusion

    • I’ve just signed up for Drawing Skills 1 and Visual Studies – I’m going to have a crack at the degree (yikes). While Drawing Skills 1 looks like a lovely course, Visual Studies is absolutely terrifying!


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