Life Class

My second life class – slightly less intimidated but still having to quieten my nerves before that first mark on the scary expanse of white. Two minutes for the first poses, five for the next three.


We finished by drawing our poses over a series of pre-painted splodges of paint. The idea is to use a white crayon for highlights, over the purple paint. I didn’t find the white really shone out enough to look like a highlight, but the challenge of incorporating the splurges while still trying to fit all the complete poses on one sheet was interesting enough.


The teacher taking the art class pointed out that I use quite a consistently heavy line – my aim for the next class is to try to vary that line. And as I write I realise this is a familiar comment from my oca feedback….

I’ve enjoyed my first two life classes enormously. Infuriating and exhilarating in equal measure.

Things to work on next time around:

  • I almost always start out too big and very often can’t get the entire pose on the sheet. I’ll try to map out the scale of the figure first.
  • I find the hardest part is getting the head in scale, on a neck, and in position. I will make time to practice heads on necks in advance.
  • Though I enjoy drawing hands and feet, when they are attached to limbs I seem to fudge them, and definitely make them far too small.
  • Vary the line


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